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  • Jan 3, 2018
    වොන්ඩර් ලැන්ඩ්
    This is just few of them, full list with more details coming soon!

    1. Do NOT post Adult materials which are not suitable for all audiences.
    2. Do NOT post illegal/copyright materials.
    3. Do NOT post stuff downloaded from other Srilankan sites.
    4. Do NOT SPAM/Advertise your websites in the forums, signature or in your avatar etc.. by any method. You can put your personal homepage if you like. At the same time Do NOT spam our site on other forums too. We should respect others work right? You can talk about our site or link to our site on other forums or sites, but do not do it in a spam manner which will harm other sites.
    5. Do NOT hijack threads, insult others, respect others privacy!

    Lets make Elakiri.com the biggest and the coolest community site for south asia.

    Thanks every1 :yes:
    As always you guys are welcome to ask anything from me and discuss anything that matters... I'm really cool and friendly person. :D
    හිච්ච බැන් උනෝත් බැන් වෙන්නේ අසාදරණේට එරෙහිව ගිහින්, වෙන නම් වැරදි කරලා නැ කිරියේ....