Ending the year with a bang!


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  • Apr 22, 2008
    Hi All,

    We have reached the end of 2020 and it is a quite interesting year, one way or the other.

    No doubt that 2020 is the most chaotic year in recent history and main culprit for this being the covid-19.

    Apart from covid-19, many bad incidents happened during 2020 including explosion in Beirut, fights & protests over George floyd’s death in USA, Death of black panther [Chadwick Bosemen], Australian Bushfires etc etc

    So is the entire year bad??? Well one may say that covid pandemic kind of casted a big shadow and caused people to feel that everything else is a mess in this year, and if you think there was no pandemic situation, then all the other things become quite small, insignificant and “usual”

    Though I cannot recall the exact name, I remember listening to one TED talk, and in that he said how his life got messed up so bad during a particular year and how every thing was a mess. And in that he came up with an interesting concept of average of events.

    What it basically say is that for an example for any given year if you had only like 3 significant events, out of that 2 were disaster, in average that entire year is a bad year. But if you quickly move from event to event regardless of whether it was bad or good, and if the number of events are large enough, then you can basically average out the “badness” [is that even a word? Well it is now coz I just used it] and increase the probability of making the year more good. à this is not related here, I’m just speaking out my mind

    Crazy year indeed and it forced us to move to this thing called new Norm of staying away from the society. Well what people call as new norm is actually the generic life of introverts….and perhaps this is going to be the era of introverts

    Since 2020 is a chaotic one, why not contribute to it as much as we can right? So to provide my contribution, As you may not know already I decided to get married on 7th Dec. Well due to the 50 person max limitations imposed by the government, I’m sorry that I’m unable to invite you guys to the “our-magula”. So usually what happens next is that all of you begin sending mails, chats or call saying congratulations [or some form of it] etc etc. BUT to honor the new Norm, and as it is not a good thing to be happy and congratulate when a person is getting in to trouble [in this case “our-magula”], let’s not do that because you can find the answers to all your questions in this mail itself. [read again, mindfully this time ]

    I assume many of you guys will be taking your annual leaves this month so happy holidays [is that even a thing in new Norm?]. Since you cannot do anything else I believe best thing to do during your vacation is to trying to revive your dead brain [yes your brain power is almost at zero now as there was no good stimulus for several years , may be 5-6 years now since you started your university life. Can’t get the sum of two 3 digit numbers without the calculator eh?]

    Ok that was load of random stuff. I’ll be using my annual leaves from 7th till 18th.

    Ending the year with a bang!

    Thank You

    Best Regards

    Aruna R.


    Found the TED talk. à seriously you guys should watch more TED talks and read more books. Its not like you can go on trips any time soon

    To overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others | Dean Furness

    මම ඔෆිස් එකට ගහපු මේල් එක. ආයේ ලියන්න කම්මැලි නිසා කොපි පේස්ට් කළා. මේ මගේ සිංගල් ජිවිතේ අවසාන ත්‍රෙඩ් එක


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  • Dec 10, 2009