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London Mahathun

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  • Jul 17, 2015
    ලන්ඩන් වත්ත
    Saw this somewhere else and thought of posting it here. Maybe somebody will find this useful to avoid a possible shitty situation before getting into a relationship. This is an excerpt from the original text and posting as it is.

    "I see a lot of straight men fall for this. They want to be a caretaker, feel needed and powerful, and are flattered by apparent “helplessness”. Choose a competent person with a job and their own money. Find an equal. Women fall for the caretaker role too — they jump in as “mommy” and polish the jerk up, find them employment, manage their life. DON’T DO THIS. Healthy people aren’t looking for parents and life coaches. That’s not your job, okay? Your job is girlfriend/boyfriend. That’s IT."
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