Money is just a game!


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  • Jul 17, 2008
    Let's play it Elakiri Guys!


    LEVEL 1 -

    Living only with your paycheck. At this level, your income stream is only your paycheck and you don't have any leftovers to save.

    LEVEL 2 -

    Start Budgeting. A budget is a spending plan based on income and expenses. When you start budgeting it will help you: - To prepare for unpredictable life events - To effort big items when you needed - To show how you are managing money and your current money flow

    LEVEL 3 -

    Debt Repayment. This is very important because once you start making a budget and making plans, you will see where most of your money is flowing. So that is your money killer, you need to kill it as soon as possible. Especially if it is bad debt.

    LEVEL 4 -

    Saving More. If you can kill those Bad Debts, you will have more money to save. Now you already have the plan to make it happen and you have a budgeting sheet, so you will understand how you can save more. So at this level, that should be your main focus.

    LEVEL 5 -

    Build an emergency fund. Once you start saving more, start building an emergency fund. This is for a rainy day. So, you don't have to ask for money from others. For an emergency fund, you can go for 6 months of saving (depending on you).

    LEVEL 6 -

    Increase Income Streams. If you have some free time after your work, start a side hustle. There are endless opportunities if you are a skillful person. The sooner you start the better, it can get. If you did it well, you can turn your side hustle into full-time work.

    LEVEL 7 -

    Start Investing. This is where you start growing your money. This is the level you use money as a tool to make money. You can invest for income, growth, or to hedge your capital.

    LEVEL 8 -

    Start a side hustle/business It's time to learn how to build a side hustle to win big
    • Build a business • Earn $100/day

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