Sri Lanka’s Senaro Motors to export locally assembled motorbikes to Kenya


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  • May 7, 2007


    Tuesday March 21, 2023 5:37 pm

    ECONOMYNEXT – Senaro Motor Corporation, a motorcycle manufacturing company in Sri Lanka, is planning to export locally manufactured bikes to Kenya from April, the firm’s Managing Director Mohan Senaro told EconomyNext.
    “The reason we chose Kenya is because it was the only country that gave us an opportunity to enter their market as a new competitor,” Senaro said.
    “We reached out many countries that we hope to export. We hope that after we export to Kenya, other countries will also give us a chance.”
    Around a third of the spare parts used in the motorbikes are manufactured in the firm’s assembly factory in Yakkala, a suburb of capital Colombo and Senaro said the company is able to import raw materials for spare parts as it has a special certification from the Ministry of Industries.

    The company’s GN 125 is a model that is manufactured in Japan and uses the same technology. The locally manufactured motorcycles will be priced at at 590,000 rupees in the retail market.
    “When the bikes are exported, they will be labeled as ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ and that is a proud moment for us,” Senaro said.
    So far, approvals have been obtained for three bike models and an ATV car while an approval is currently being sought for a budget car which is expected to be released to the market in the future.
    The goal is to increase the value addition by manufacturing 50 percent of the parts locally, creating more jobs, and expanding it to international markets as a local brand, Senaro said. (Colombo/March16/2023)