Suwapatha App - COVID19 Tracker (SL)


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  • Feb 20, 2009


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    Suwapatha app has been developed by the Epidemiology Unit of the Western Provincial Ministry of Health and the WHO country office for Sri Lanka have come together to provide this digital solution in Sri Lanka. This mobile application is available to the public at no cost.

    This application insight on how it spreads and precautionary measures that you should practice in public places, There are some detailed guides to help you overcome the prevalent current situation without any hindrances. Download the Suwapatha app for the right information at the right time to protect you and your loved ones and stay safe.

    This Suwapatha app gives the Risk prone areas and safety areas details on your mobile phone with your consent.
    • Download the Suwapatha app
    • Register
    • It will give the Risk prone areas and Safe areas with precautionary measures that you should practice
    • An option to request support from the 24/7 call center at the Western Province epidemiology unit.
    • Link to direct-dial “Suwasariya - 1990” Ambulance service and details of other emergency numbers
    • Register for free SMS alert services.


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  • May 9, 2009
    Well if the data is not updated frequently that will be a prob.
    Anyway is there any website(s) most of this infomation can be got? That would be easier
    This g-sentry company must be getting the data first for app to get it ne.
    These days lot of things coming as apps :angry: