To the racist/pro-Buddhist @Deviyo


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  • Jun 26, 2020
    To the 5 IQ idiot @Deviyo who can't think critically and logically about world and facts,

    I'm not @Indrajith Gamage . You radical Buddhist (well, extremist) must know that I'm an atheist and disbeliever of Buddha. I was born Buddhist even before giving me choice of freedom. Tell your parents who enslaved you to payback the life they took away from you. I pity such slaves who behave like Robots in public forums :D

    I don't have any mental issues. Uneducated fools find unconventional stuff as magic therefore they think I must be psycho when I'm not.

    Bloody idiot, I'd sue you for defamation on Colombo if I caught you in person :D

    Good luck believing in stories like Buddha can fly over air while Penguins can't :D

    If you have basic mathematical or physics knowledge, you would not write this shit to me on my thread.

    That's the last joke of Buddha to you fools :D

    Idiot! Even if you passed A/L, I'd not hire you. Remember that, you're an idiot so grow up!