Training for Business English using IT and Politics

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  • Feb 3, 2018
    Hello :)

    Oyalata sirawatama (laawata wage) English skills improve karanna ona nam, kindly let me know..!

    I am doing 20-day sessions across a span of 2 months (with a few other lecturers) for young Sri Lankans who need to develop their self-confidence, written and spoken English skills as well as other related stuff.

    This is only for people who really need it, for example, to improve your work in your university reports, researches, assignments, presentations, or your job / career promotions or interviews.

    Due to the partial lockdown, the upcoming batch will only be online (Zoom or Teams etc.).

    Meka maha loku programme ekak newei.
    Pricing is a bit low.
    Mama follow karanne tikak new style ekak, student ta freedom dilaa, adu paadu hadala, class eke anith aya samaga practical sessions thiyala, technologically language skills improve karanna.

    Me and my small team eka thamai meka karanne, so this is not an institute and all trainers are young graduates... some are abroad but Sri Lankan.
    Please let me know only if you are really interested.
    If you are living too far from Colombo, certificate eka deliver karanna bari wei so you might have to come to Colombo to pick it up.

    Plus, mama aniwarayen politics mekata gaawagena thamai train karanne, so ekata okay wiya yuthui.
    Also, I do not waste your time or my time, so mema course eke freedom thibunata tikak amarui saha oya aniwaarayen wada karanna ona.

    If you are under 18 years, you have to get your parents' permission.

    We mainly cover the following areas:
    Confidence boosting and removing your inner fear
    Training you on how to learn language skills
    Creating presentations and presenting
    Public speaking and handling your audience
    How to proceed if you get stuck in speeches or assignments
    Brainstorming, mind mapping, and actually doing the work
    Written English for business and creative purposes

    Developing you skills so you can target high marks in research, theoretical and other reports or assignments
    Sinhala vs English

    How to change your "parikalpanaya bhaashaawa" from Sinhala to English (if you want)
    Preparing and facing job interviews and helping in promotions (only for office / IT / business jobs, not for industrial sectors)

    You cannot complete the programme and get our certificate without passing the following:
    Mockup and trial interview
    Quizzes and team activities (e.g. girls vs guys team quizzes and MCQs)
    Minor research assignments
    ... and the serious final examination.