Victims of Ottawa mass stabbing threw birthday party for alleged killer just days ago

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  • May 21, 2023
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    The father told Suneetha that there had been no issues between the family and De-Zoysa before the attack.

    De-Zoysa had moved into their basement a month or two ago as he pursued his studies in Ottawa. The father had even met the suspect's parents in Sri Lanka, Suneetha recounted.

    But it seemed not all was well with De-Zoysa.

    He was having problems at school and recently dropped out, Suneetha said the father told him. He was also having thoughts of suicide.

    The resident monk said that as the father tells it, he came home from a cleaning job late Wednesday night when the alleged attack occurred.

    The father resisted and asked if his family had been hurt.

    “The murderer said, 'No, I didn't do anything (to) them.' And he released him and went to the kids, and they're gone.”

    Suneetha said the father had part of two fingers cut off, and one has been repaired. He also suffered a slash across his face between his nose and his eye and stab wounds to the chest and back.

    Ottawa police Chief Eric Stubbs said on Thursday afternoon that police responded to calls that a man - whom he later identified as the father - was yelling for help outside the house.

    He was taken to hospital in stable condition, police said.
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