YouTuber gets 6 months in federal prison for staging small plane crash..

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  • Jun 15, 2013

    A 30-year-old YouTube creator and former Olympic athlete was sentenced Monday to six months in federal prison for for social media clicks.

    Trevor Daniel Jacob admitted to intentionally crashing his plane, which was equipped with multiple cameras to capture its demise on video, in November 2021, federal prosecutors in California said in a news release.

    He posted a video to YouTube titled “I Crashed My Airplane” on December 23, prosecutors said, to promote a sponsorship with a wallet company.

    Some viewers were suspicious of the stunt, with a number of comments pointing out Jacob was already wearing a parachute, made no attempt to glide the aircraft to a safe landing area and took a camera and selfie stick with him when abandoning the plane.

    Jacob lied to investigators, federal prosecutors in the Central District of California said, telling them he did not know the location of the wreckage. They say he also lied to a Federal Aviation Administration safety inspector.
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