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    Car battery charging

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    12v 100Ah Battery

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    මෙහෙම කපන්න බැරි ඇයි?

    good query to chk math knowledge :yes:
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    පූසන්ට බේත් පෙති පොවන්න විදියක්

    We have given crushed tablet with food or some butter. If cat get even a little taste of tablet, cat will put out the food and not eat. Make sure food is very tasty something cat like, Be careful putting things in mouth. Don't choke cat. We have used syring to give water to cat in weak state...
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    මාසේ අවසානේට ඉතුරු වෙන data වලට මොකද කරන්නේ ?

    I think this may be what I saw. But may be a diff page :D max data that can be collected is very limited though. Personally, I would not use that ISP. I wonder if mobitel, dialog or hutch has something similar.
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    මාසේ අවසානේට ඉතුරු වෙන data වලට මොකද කරන්නේ ?

    Some ISP gives package for data carry forward for a limited time period. I can't remember which.
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    175/70 R14 tires

    I used Bridgstone sometime ago. Good. Expensive. But when tire gets damaged due to potholes and nails .... :( So now use GT (not china). Ok, less costly so if tire gets damaged, feel not so bad :yes: