😮🦠🔬 Wuhan virus lab staff sought hospital care before China disclosed COVID-19 outbreak 🔬🦠😮


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  • May 10, 2009
    උන් අනිත් රටවල ඉකොනොමි වට්ටන්න මේක යූස් කරනව.දැන් උන්ගෙ රට විතරක් බේරිලා අනිත් හැම රටකටම කෙලවෙලා තියෙන්නෙ.
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  • Mar 29, 2017
    This story is directly linked to the new story of Canada getting involved with the Wuhan lab.

    Things getting 🔥
    That story isn't new... existed one year ago. It gained more publicity now.

    The Chinese acted like the proverbial cat who did what on the hot tin roof. As usual truth is never a word in the Chinese vocabulary. This virus probably the same virus that they engineered in 2010 and was housed in the Wuhan lab. Sadly no one can prove it because the original genome wasn't published.
    Many scientists know this fact even though you hardly can find any reference to it.

    The major things the Chinks did. They immediately handed over the security of the Wuhan lab to the military. Secondly within two weeks of this the Chinese Ministry of Health issued a new White Paper detailing the guidelines on security in these labs.
    Anyone with a brain of a size of a pea could guess why.

    The CCP (which is the worst Virus in the known history) and their stooge, the Director of WHO should be held accountable. It's a total disregard to the safety of entire humanity and should be punished accordingly.
    The leak must have been an accident. We can accept it. Accidents happened before from them and even from the Western world. But their subsequent actions and crude behaviour till to-date cannot be tolerated at all.
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  • Jun 15, 2006
    අනේ පලයං ට්‍රම්ප් බල්ල තමා චීනෙ ඵක්ක ගේම ඉල්ලල හොංකොං අැවිලුවේ මුලින්ම..උෟයි උගෙ කාලකන්නි සෙට් ඵකයි උඩ පැන පැන හිටියෙ ඒ දවස්වල චීනෙ විතරක් ඕක පැතිරෙන කොට..මොකද ඒ බල්ල හිතන් හිටියෙ වෙෙරස් ඵකෙන් චීනේ විතරක් නැත්තටම නැති වෙයි කියල..ඔය වගේම වෙෙරස් ඵකක් අප්‍රිකාවෙ රටක පැතිරිල ගියා ඔබාමගෙ කාලෙ..හොයල බලපං ඔබාම මැදිහත් වෙලා ඒ වෙෙරස් ඵක ඒ රටේම නැති කරන්න මහන්සි වුන හැටි..ඒවට තමා ඔබාමට නොබෙල් තෑග්ග හම්බවුනේ..ට්‍රම්ප් වගේ නූගත් උද්දච්ච බල්ලෙක් අැමරිකාවෙ ජනාධිපති වුන නිසා තමා චීනෙ වෙෙරස් ඵක ලෝකෙම පැතිරිල ගියේ.
    LOL... kohewath inna ratak thamai pali... oya thiyari hodai ...ubatai..chine untai :lol:
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  • Apr 10, 2018
    LOL... kohewath inna ratak thamai pali... oya thiyari hodai ...ubatai..chine untai :lol:
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