Most Powerful Programs In The Matrix (& Their True Purpose)


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  • May 20, 2011

    10. Rama-Kandra​


    Rama-Kandra is a special program for a number of reasons, but specifically, because he was able to create a daughter out of love. His daughter Sati is the first of her kind born in the Matrix, and he brings her to Mobil Avenue so that the Trainman will find a way for her to flee the Matrix before the Machines find out about her existence and force her deletion. For a program, Rama has a surprising amount of love and affection for humans and their capacity for emotion, and as neither his nor Sati's abilities have been fully explored, they are unpredictable and therefore a threat to the Machine collective.

    9.The Twins​


    The twins are dual security programs that resemble "ghosts" in the Matrix and look exactly alike. From the same Nightmare Matrix as The Merovingian, they are as powerful as lower-level agent programs in some respects and can hold their own against Trinity and Morpheus (though they have a harder time with Neo). Given their cold demeanor, monosyllabic diction, and movement styles, it's possible that the twins used to be agents themselves in the earlier iteration connected to The Matrix but are now much more unpredictable and dangerous as Exiles.

    8. The Key maker​


    The Keymaker is a program closely associated with encryption and was kidnapped by The Merovingian and utilized for his ability to lock and unlock pathways in the Matrix. He's used by Neo and Morpheus in an effort to gain access to The Architect and eventually The Source, and as far as programs go, he is resistant to going outside his programming. Ultimately, he's been programmed to help The One gain access to the Source by The Architect because that will ultimately lead Neo to make a choice to sacrifice himself and restart the cycle all over again.

    7.The Trainman​


    A program loyal to The Merovingian, The Trainman is the creator and controller of Mobil Avenue, a limbo between the real world and the Matrix. He helps Exiled programs pass from one to the other and avoid deletion, tracking the flow of information independent of any other system. Because he doesn't abide by the rules of the Matrix and isn't controlled by its code, he can send The One flying through a wall. The Trainman acts like a VPN backdoor that, when activated, allows information to move undetected.

    6. Seraph​


    Seraph is a program devoted to protecting "that which matters most" which in the sixth version of the Matrix, meant access to The Oracle. He can be seen as functioning in a few specific capacities, most explicitly as a security and authentication program, much like a firewall that doesn't allow anyone any other program (or virus) access to The Oracle unless express permission is granted, or he's bypassed in some way. Much like how a username and password must be entered to start investigating an operating system, Seraph acts as a login screen and point of entry for anything to do with higher levels of the Matrix.

    5. The Merovingian​


    The Merovingian was once the program responsible for operating what became known as the Nightmare Matrix, a faulty, inhospitable simulation crawling with glitching programs that became the werewolves, vampires, and ghosts seen occupying roles as his henchmen. Before he could be deleted, he became an information broker, arranging ways for Exiled programs like himself to move about without the Machines knowing - for a price. For all of his hedonism, ultimately, he lacks purpose beyond the binary "cause and effect" inherent to his old code, but he shouldn't be underestimated.

    4.The Architect​


    The Architect is a specialized program and system operator designed by the Machines to create and maintain the Matrix simulation and has been the primary program in charge of every version of the Matrix throughout its many reboots. As long as it keeps the simulation running, the Machines can realize the full potential of what the Matrix is by use the energy generated by the docile minds of harvested humans to thrive. The Architect identifies anomalies in the Matrix and decides which serves the Machines' purpose, and because it has the capacity to create, destroy, and maintain, functions in an IT capacity over the operating system.

    3.The Oracle​


    Working in conjunction with The Architect, The Oracle is a behavioral prediction program responsible for understanding the human psyche through observing human activities in the Matrix. The Oracle functions based on pattern recognition and predictive models, and based on the data she collected over several versions of the Matrix ascertained that endowing humans with the power of choice, rather than creating a perfect utopia, was the way to maintain a successful Matrix, even if they were only aware of it on a subconscious level. She favored The One, a human born with the ability to control programming in the Matrix from the Source, and aided him in freeing other humans.

    2.The Analyst​


    An amalgamation of The Architect and The Oracle, The Analyst was a program that functioned both as a behavioral prediction program and a system designer. After succeeding The Architect, The Analyst kept Agent Smith in The Matrix because he learned from the mistakes of his predecessor and needed a watchdog program to ensure the continued equilibrium of the Matrix's seventh version, brought about by the Anomaly generated by having Neo and Trinity's bodies plugged in but their avatars perpetually separated. He claimed to be the most powerful entity in the Matrix because he discerned how to maximize the human capacity for creating all the self-delusion that the Machines needed.

    1.Agent Smith​


    Originally an AI security program designated to keep order within The Matrix system, Agent Smith sought out and terminated any human that threatened the stability of the simulation by learning the truth about their artificial lives. Likewise, any rogue program thought to lack purpose according to the Machine collective was also supposed to return to the source for deletion, a situation Smith found himself in after coming into contact with The One. Eventually, through a transmogrification of their combined powers, Smith became a virus able to copy his code over both humans and programs, becoming one of the strongest characters in The Matrix movies.



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