Sri Lankan Muslims propaganda against Israel


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  • Aug 6, 2018
    As always, Sri Lankan Muslims are very active against Israel offensive operations. They can support anyone in the world. But I have some concerns as a Sri Lankan.

    They support not only Palestine people, but Hamas and Islamic Jihad – terrorist organizations same as LTTE.

    Hamas & Islamic Jihad
    Need separate countryNeed separate country
    Targeting civiliansTargeting civilians
    Suicide attacksSuicide attacks
    Targeting public propertyTargeting public property
    Arms smugglingArms smuggling
    Religious fundamentalismEthnic fundamentalism
    Using human shieldUsing human shield
    Labeled as terrorist organizationsLabeled as terrorist organization

    I have seen several posts in Facebook and other social media. They mostly use Tamil for such sharing, comments, etc. Therefore, many of us would not see what behind those activities. Gradually, they share uprising and religious fundamentalism thoughts. An example: A FB user shared Gaza/Jerusalem picture and wrote “We will conquer Israel and then the world, Insa Allah!”

    These activities are more Islamic religious fundamentalism, violent and terrorism than supporting people.

    As Sri Lanka, we don’t have any issues with Israel as they militarily helped us. Famous Kfir fighter jets, Dvora gun boats, Uzi machine guns are still in Sri Lankan forces arsenal, and our elite forces get training and intelligent support from Israel. LTTE’s satellite TV was downed by Israel.

    Islamic fundamentalism is not welcome in Sri Lanka. If you want to support Palestine, just go there and fight than sharing only in social media!

    I would urge Sri Lanka government and security personals to watch these activities and take necessary actions. If there mind are on religious fundamentalism, one day they will turn against us as it happened on Easter attacks! Cut off all roots of Islamic fundamentalism in Sri Lanka.

    Please share and notify relevant authorities as a citizen of Sri Lanka!

    Long Live Mother Lanka!

    Image 1: They are not innocents
    Image 2: “Peaceful” worshipers with stones at Al Aqsa mosque!?
    Image 3: What happening in our land? None of our business!


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  • Jan 29, 2009
    The State of Israel was established after the establishment of Palestine, there only reason to come back towards this part of the world because the British was ruling back then, and they had ties towards Palestine, and King David was from Jerusalem, Hamas is a terrorist organization, the Palestinians don't have a proper military system, so smaller groups classified as Hamas, probably created by the Israelis itself, to ethnic cleanse the Palestinians, Hamas fires 100 rockets and about 1 dies, Israel fires 5 rockets and 200 die, Israel is more capable militarily and is well established in defense, please don't appropriate, this to the LTTE, where they abruptly asked for a different state, due to racial tensions, Palestine is a well established country dating centuries, and the original Palestinians lived happily with there Jewish counterpart but was the more dominant race.

    Unfortunately, with Israel's attempts innocent children and victims get killed, which is a violation of Human Rights and conduct, they are ethnic cleansing and that's all they are doing by manipulating blaming Hamas and then killing hundreds of innocent children men and women.


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  • Oct 12, 2016
    තොපි බොරුවට තම්බි පස්සේ මිනිස්සු දක්කපන්.. අන්න අරහේ නාකී මයිනයි, මෝඩ සීනී නන්දරෙයි චීනට රට විකුණලා 10% බැසිලා එක්ක එකතු වෙලා


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  • Oct 15, 2014
    අපේ ගම් වල කුඩ්ඩන් අතරේ තමයි දැන් යුද්දෙන් වැඩි හරියක් යන්නේ.
    ත්‍රිවිල් කාරයොත් ගේමට එන්ටර් උනා නේද?

    N A K A M U R A

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  • Apr 10, 2018
    අපි හම්බ නෙමෙයි.ඒ උනාට ඊශ්‍රායලය කියන්නේ නිරායුධ පොඩි උන්වත් අමු අමුවේ මරල දාන අමන රටක්..අන්න ඒකටයි අපි විරුද්ධ.අමන හිත් තියෙන තොපි නම් ඒවට සතුටු වෙනව අැති.