The Fake Prophet & The Fallen Angel - II


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  • Mar 29, 2017
    Continuation of the previous post.... The Fake Prophet & The Fallen Angel

    Note : Copied as received......

    Barely 72 hours after Al Jazeera aired its first episode titled “Gold Mafia” in which Ubert Angel was featured prominently, the self-proclaimed Sri Lankan Prophet Jerome Fernando sprang into action by issuing a statement threatening to initiate legal action for those who defame his church. Jerome’s Achilles heel has been his mouth from which he shoots off without giving thought to the consequences that would follow. It is from this same mouth that he talks vulgarly about his collection of premium wristwatches, the designer suits, and the posh vehicles he drives.

    His statement about legal action was a veil threat to his inner circle and his followers who have already begun to spill loads of beans about the farce that this circus clown and fraudster has been up to since 2007. The eminent legal firm FC De Seram’s, who we understand does his legal work pertaining to corporate matters, as we were told in confidence by several lawyers we spoke to, would not have advised him on going down the road of “defamation” being fully aware that their client is going to bite the dust sooner rather than later. If this statement was issued on the advice of Subodha Pilimatalawwe, his media Director and Managing Director of Seven Media, whose wife Madhu is also the Prophets Personal Secretary, it is a PR disaster, which has now opened the flood gates for those with even a trace of evidence against this fraudster to come out and challenge him to proceed with legal defamation. To be fair, Jerome’s spiritual father, Ubert Angel, has realised that his game has been exposed, conceded by stating that the Al Jazeera investigation is “entrapment” by crafty journalists To put it succinctly, he admitted that the journalists were streets ahead of him, and he did not see this coming.

    Let us remind his spiritual son that shooting off his mouth is as bad as shooting himself in the foot as he must realise that for every 10 crooks there are 90 genuine people who rally together united by one purpose -to bring the crooks to book. That is exactly what is unfolding and what Jerome does not realise, as he was busy earning his bucks, is that operation FP (Fake Pastor, as he called himself then) commenced as far back as 2013 in Sri Lanka and the decoys were deployed in places, he or his family least suspected. Just to cite one example, we have been in his presence at prayer services he used to conduct at the Jayamaha residence in Nawala and Havelock City.

    We followed closely how he lured Kumar and Yaheli Sangakkara, Sandra Jayasuriya, Bhanuka Rajapakse, almost got to Sri Lanka’s former Captain and dashing opening bat Sanath Jayasuriya and baited and caught the naïve and gullible Cricket commentator and player agent ace con artist Roshan Abeysinghe, who got a tad over ambitious in trying to make Sri Lanka Cricket a subsidiary of sorts to PJ Ministries. The Presidential pardon of Shamantha Jayamaha and Jerome’s role in it cannot be discussed here as legal proceedings are under way but the germination of the plot was mapped out in the Jayamaha residence in Nawala. Strangely Prashantha Jayamaha, Shamantha’s older brother, who many refer to as being the one who got his younger brother hooked on drugs, is today a preacher in another evangelical church and holds high positions in charities not to mention AMCHAM. A teenage girl was brutally murdered by smashing her head against a wall outside her apartment in Royal Park Colombo and the parents and sister are still moaning about her loss, but the Prophet has his own interpretation of justice.

    This part is for you Jerome, to reflect while tucking into the plethora of luxury food you order from Shangri-la (we will produce copies of the bills as this saga unfolds)

    You are most welcome to proceed to request the British authorities to track those who lead the operation against your spiritual father Ubert Angel and your network in Dubai and UK. You might need to contact MI5 and copy your request to the head of GCHQ. We will anxiously await your request and in fact if you do not proceed to do so we will make sure that they contact you.

    Your accounts are audited by KPMG and these accounts are the trail that quite a few are interested in. In case that bird sized brain of yours cannot understand let’s put it to you in an easy-to-understand language. The audited accounts will reveal the actual earnings. The difference between the actual earnings and the money that you splurge is what is referred to as “Black”. This black money is certainly not audited by KPMG as we have in our possession extracts from your audited accounts. We must admit that stupid as you were when in school you seem to have mastered the art of deceit and your accounts clearly reflect it. Your wife Melani’s weekly beauty treatment (we will not disclose the amounts as we will save it for another day, to stun you) is accounted as “Cost of Stage set” for the Prophetess ???

    Let us also remind you that we are in possession of the architectural plans of the mansion that you are planning to construct at a cost of over Rs.500 million which includes an infinity pool, gymnasium, a Michelin Chef’s Kitchen, just to name a few, and man the design made us realise that unless we also take up to preaching and money laundering, owning a house like this will only be an unattainable “dream”. You may have thought of using your dummy construction and real estate company “Edifice” to get the money laundered but that’s another matter for the courts to decide. The Rajapakses, in their defense, had to wait for over 30 years to reach the top and make their billions but you did it in under 10 years. Kudos Prophet but now its pay back time.

    You must also make sure that your shell companies are well insulated as KPMG nor F C De Seram’s are going to put their reputations on the line for operations that launder money. (We will hold back the names of these shell companies until you proceed with your defamatory action )

    Now to the more serious matter. Your spiritual father is done and dusted and the last we heard was that the President of Zimbabwe has stripped him off his diplomatic position and ordered that he be arrested. That’s not surprising as no politician is going to take the fall for the actions of even his closest ally. Now it is up to you to play your cards right. Let’s break it down for you. Kushal’s father in law values his relationship with Mahinda Rajapakse more than a stupid, puerile man who thinks he is a “Prophet”. In the grand scheme of things, the Rajapakse dynasty is not going to be compromised for your sake and you should be able to at least prophesy this. Therefore, take the first option that has been put forward to you by Gratien Gunawardana on the instruction of Basil Rajapakse. This is the best worst option on offer for you and even your spiritual father and his mentor, Shephard Bushri, will also advise likewise.

    You sadly had your head buried in ill-gotten money and gold not to realise that the many who left your church in disgust, particularly those whom you swindled, helped and contributed in more ways than one to get as much information and data for our project while those were deployed as decoys helped put the missing pieces together. Your cousin Marlon Fernando threatened to spill the beans and you flashed the NDA in his face and Marlon with his own closet full of skeletons, decided to suck it up and stay quiet. Your most recent head of protocol and security quit in disgust and if you or that air headed wing man of yours, Kushal Perera, assume that all who quit that “Monarch Butterfly” house you run, are going to twiddle their toes, and let the two of you make merry with your laundering service, you are in for a rude shock. We predicted and engineered the appointment of Janaka Abeyesundere to be your head of protocol and as expected it was done as we scripted and within minutes it was on his social media page, the sad soul being anointed by you. You claim to have miraculous powers that help you Prophesy but we can prophesy what you plan on prophesying. How is that for a challenge??? Your backstage crew might have to be vetted now. You mistakenly assumed that UK was a haven for you to set up your laundering operation and the proposed marriage of your daughter Michela to Ubert Angel’s son was a match made in heaven to expand your deceitful kingdom. We are sorry to have burst your bubble as we, too, were looking forward to making the guest list for this grand wedding.

    Al Jazeera’s Episodes 3 and 4 will be of much interest to you and your inner circle but would be of much consternation to your political masters in Sri Lanka.

    The truth will always prevail, and your prophesies have been brought to nought by your inability to even fathom what is unfolding before your very eyes. We are not Bible carrying, preaching Christians, but I can assure you that everyone who has helped us uncover your cycle of deceit has not been harmed or stolen from anyone and live out of hard work and commitment We help those in need to the best of our ability and care for those who need our love and care for which we don’t request 10% of their earnings or request them to transfer their properties to us as we feel they are in the company of people who are differently “Yoked”, as you would say. We believe it is the foundation of Christs’ teachings, and we honour it to the letter. You can take a leaf or two from us in the years to come while you are in self-imposed exile, if lucky, but if luck turns against you then it will be jail time in Colombo, but again if you are a tad lucky you can serve your sentence in a cell in the UK OR Dubai. You prefer the latter, don’t you?

    Dave Richards