The XZ Hack...


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  • Mar 29, 2017
    Just a few days ago, a lone Microsoft developer rocked the world when he revealed a backdoor had been intentionally planted in xz Utils, an open source data compression utility available on almost all installations of Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. The person or people behind this project likely spent years on it. They were likely very close to seeing the backdoor update merged into Debian and Red Hat, the two biggest distributions of Linux, when an eagle-eyed software developer spotted something fishy.

    xz Utils is nearly ubiquitous in Linux. It provides lossless data compression on virtually all Unix-like operating systems, including Linux. xz Utils provides critical functions for compressing and decompressing data during all kinds of operations. xz Utils also supports the legacy .lzma format, making this component even more crucial.

    Andres Freund, a developer and engineer working on Microsoft’s PostgreSQL offerings, was recently troubleshooting performance problems a Debian system was experiencing with SSH, the most widely used protocol for remotely logging in to devices over the Internet. Specifically, SSH logins were consuming too many CPU cycles and were generating errors with valgrind, a utility for monitoring computer memory.

    Through sheer luck and Freund’s careful eye, he eventually discovered the problems were the result of updates that had been made to xz Utils. On Friday, Freund took to the Open Source Security List to disclose the updates were the result of someone intentionally planting a backdoor in the compression software.

    "This might be the best executed supply chain attack we've seen described in the open, and it's a nightmare scenario: malicious, competent, authorized upstream in a widely used library," software and cryptography engineer Filippo Valsorda said of the effort, which came frightfully close to succeeding.

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    CISA Alert
    NIST CVE-2024-3094

    More Details by Andres Freund

    The xz developers will release a clean XZ Utils version 5.8.0 soon. Some wish that it clearly separates the clean one from the bad 5.6.x.

    It's reasonably sure the following things need to be true for your system to be vulnerable:
    • You need to be running a distro that uses glibc (for IFUNC)
    • You need to have versions 5.6.0 or 5.6.1 of xz or liblzma installed (xz-utils provides the library liblzma) - likely only true if running a rolling-release distro and updating religiously.
    It's known that the combination of systemd and patched openssh are vulnerable but pending further analysis of the payload, it cannot be certain that other configurations aren't.