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  • Jun 4, 2017
    unlimited youtube,fb thiyena web stream unlimited thiyena dialog package thiyenawada?wena kageda mehema package thiyenne?hotspot denna puluwanda oya package eka dagena
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  • Sep 12, 2010
    Hutchlage prepaid ekk thiyenwa bn unlimited 2500 , https://hutch.lk/cliq/ .

    Unlimited kiwwata fup ekak thiyenawa neda?
    8. Are cliQ plans truly Unlimited?
    Yes, cliQ plans are designed to give a true non-stop data experience for the entire duration of the plan bearing in mind a
    smartphone users.
    To ensure fair experience amongst all users, users who generate extreme usage beyond a reasonable point will be applied a
    speed of 1Mbps for remainder of the period. 1Mbps speed ensures sufficient speed to operate all popular mobile
    applications including video streaming services buffer free at standard resolution.
    You can use upto following volumes at the standard plan speed before 1Mbps speed applies:

    4G plans
    PlansVolume (GB) @ Standard Plan speed
    1 day5There After 1Mbps
    2 days7.5
    7/10 days15
    15 days20
    30 days45:baffled::baffled::baffled::baffled:

    3G plans
    PlansVolume (GB) @ Standard Plan speed
    Upto 1 Hour0.35There After 1Mbps
    4 hour – 1 day1.5
    2 days3.5
    7 – 10 days6
    15 days15
    30 days30
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