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  • May 27, 2014
    Throw it up 9-3-4, 8-6-1-6
    I gotta missed call from your bitch
    She been plottin' on me for a cool minute
    She wanna' suck my dick, and I'm cool with it
    I like it in the shower, when it's Winter Fresh
    This some twitter pussy I met her on the internet
    On my late-night thirsty, ‘cause it was late-night and I was thirsty
    Girl, I been to that county girl, I ain't tellin'
    Handcuff me to the bed, girl there ain't no bailin'
    I keep a stack of hundreds like I keep a secret
    If anything you were just exploring, you wasn’t cheating
    She got my number stored under fake names
    Her nigga think she faithful, but she runnin game
    Yolo, so take me out these Polos
    And we can fuck from Uno to Ocho
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