Cisgender hyprocrisy


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  • Jun 2, 2022
    If a cis hetero guy opened a thread about love or breakup or something , transgenders wouldn't say '' Don't trouble us with your cisgender problems. We have much more important things to do. ''

    but here some cisgender hyprocritical people think I don't even have right to talk about transgender issues. but whole day they rub their cisgender heterosexual nature in our faces.

    My whole teenage and youth became miserable due to people who continuosly questioned my nature. girls and aunties asked me to change my natural body postures into a girlish way. they worried much about my short hair. I removed my earings when I was in grade 8. I got peer pressure due to my natural behavior.

    I started to use elakiri and faceook 2 years ago. this 2 years changed my whole attitude about people. I initially never wanted to talk about transgender issues. but in elakiri and faceook I saw a huge transphobic movement against us. me and most of my TG friends don't give a fuck about trans issues at the beginning and live just like cis people. but when I was exposed to the truth after becoming a regular user of elakiri and facebook I realized people will like us untill we live like sub humans.
    guys now I'm 35+ yo. and I got transitioned 12+ years ago. for these 12 years I never wanted to talk about transgender rights. and also I hate when someone openly said they are transgender. but now for the first time I think they are right. look at the following two quotes. cisgender hetero people kept rubbing their cis hetero asses all the time on our faces and at the same time they want to invalid our rights to talk about our issues. then should we think and talk about cisgender hetero issues all the day?

    And also I feel guilty about living hiding just like a cis man. because until we live silent about transgender rights cisgenders will not be harmful. but they never accept us. they always wanted us to be sub humans. but they discriminates us when there's a chance. As cisgender people want whole the world revolve around them they also need their cisgender hetero asses on our faces. but we don't even have right to talk about our own issues in social media. these fucking ideologies tend me to hate cisgender chauvinism. this fucking drama is enough. I don't know what to do. I think I have to be more tough towards cisgender hetero people in real life. I think we have to start treating cisgender people in the same ways they do for us. No matter how we live cis people won't treat us equally. we should make it equal via treating them same way. but still I'm not openly transgender. I'm really tired of this transphobic hell. I tried psychological help to minimize this pressure of transphobic stuff. it doesn't work. I think hate for hate is the answer. anyone who is not narrow minded please tell me what do you think on this issues?

    actually I dont like to use the word transgender. but unfortunately theres no option. cisgenders wont accept us as men or women. they want us to be accepted as subhumans always. As you cisgenders do name calling we dont call names we just called cisgender. its still respectful unlike you use ponnaya dekata ma nathi ekaa etc. මම පුංචි කාලේ හිතුවෙ මම ලොකු වෙලා මට ඕන ජීවිතේ ලැබුනට පස්සෙ අනිත් සාමන්‍ය මිනිස්සු වගෙ ම ජීවත් වෙන්න පුලුවන් වෙයි කියලා. TGකියලා ලේබලයක් ගහලා කොන් කරනවා කියලා වත් ජොබ් වලදි discriminate වෙනව කියලා වත් හිතුවෙ නෑ. වෙන කෙනෙක්ගෙ ඇගේ තියෙන අහවල් එකේ ස්වභාවය මිනිස්සු මෙච්චර ප්‍රශ්නයක් කරගන්නවා කියලා ඒ කාලේ හීනෙකින් වත් හිතුවෙ නෑ.හමුදාවට යන්න දෙන්නෙ නෑ ටෙක්නිකම් කොලෙජ් වලට ගන්නෙ නෑ කියලා හීනෙකින්වත් හිතුවෙ නෑ.මම කවදාවත් open වෙලා ඉන්න TG අය හරියි කියලා හිතන දවසක් එයි කියලත් හිතුවෙ නෑ මෙ අවුරුදු 12 ට ම. but it happened few days ago.

    to @vishamacharya
    you mfs remember this is my life. I have my own issues. you have your right to live your life. but don't think whole the society should be revolve around your cisgender heterosexual lives. I never asked you to opened the thread and reply for that. I know there are brilliant guys who have wonderful abilities in understanding things. I really like to listen to them regardless of their cis sexuality. I had a hard past. also its created by cisgender hetero asses like you. I don't need your fucking permission to talk about these things.
    This shows what kind of a hypocrite you are. My previous reply doesn't mention the word transgender. Learn to read first. You kept calling yourself transgender. Nobody else did. But we don't really f*cking care.

    You don't mind offending others but you get yourself all worked up when someone else gives their opinion about this issue.

    Live your own f*cking life. Don't trouble us with your problems. We have much more important things to do.
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