Nov 3, 2023
Machan mewata giyama suddoth ekka ingrisiyen katha karnna oneda

JOKES ASIDE, I have couple of q's mchn, how do you normally create a CV so that they gonna definitely call us? Will a normal CV format (with photo and all the bla bla) work?
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And what about the culture, have you ever felt any racism? How about clients, are they friendly or will they treat you as a servant?

Are you work during in US hours or SL hours? Or is it flexible like we can work at anytime?

Oke wadipura inne asian unda? indian, pakko, bangaliyo godak ekkada wada karanna tynne?
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I didnt add a photo to the CV. Try to cover the keywords which mentioned in the job description. Also I did add what was my job description and the achievements.
No racism at all. They are super friendly. Most of the management form the US. They treat us ina good way. You will see when you got into the interview. I've to overlap with 6+ hours with EST zone. Thats mean you have to be online till 12.30 am. But they dont monitor.
We have 500+ devs in here.
95% percent are from europe and South Americans. No Indians/pak/bangalis. Only handful of Sri Lankans.