Questions Mortal Kombat X - decompression failed error

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  • Mar 22, 2012
    Mortal Kombat X install කරන්න බෑ. decompression failed error කියල එකක් එනව. කවුරුහරි දන්නවද මචන් මේක ෆික්ස් කරන්න. දන්න සියලු වැඩ දැම්ම හරියන්නෙ නෑ. මීට කලින් මගෙ pc එකේ ප්ලේ කරල තියෙනව. සෙටප් එකත් වැඩ කරන එකක් :no:


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  • Feb 27, 2021
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    hariyata add wela nane bn
    Link eka add karanna ba,mokak hari awlak thiyenawa, video link eka damma.

    🎮 isdone.dll Errors Are Caused When Your PC Is Unable To Read Installation Archive Files 🎮



    The error is caused because your computer doesn’t have enough storage capacity (RAM / HDD) to hold the installation files in memory.
    The standard error message cited with isdone.dll is:
    unarc.dll returned an error code -1
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)



    When you “install” a program (especially larger ones),
    Windows unpacks a series of “compressed” files.
    To do this, Windows first opens the file in memory and then works on “unpacking” it to your hard drive. For some computers, the size of the compressed files is too big, preventing it from extracting it properly.
    If you want more information about this, look up about CAB files,
    which lie at the core of most installations.
    The error is most likely caused by insufficient RAM/HDD capacity.

    🎧 Solution 🎧

    The fix is to ensure your computer has its hardware running correctly, and then ensure the software (Windows / Antivirus) is not causing problems:

    📁 Increase Windows PAGE FILE Size​

    The EASIEST fix is to increase the PAGE FILE size in Windows.
    The “page file” is a file used by Windows to store data that cannot fit into the RAM. Sometimes called “virtual memory”, and known as a “swap file” in other operating systems, it’s a standard way to increase the size of the total amount of memory your system can manage.

    Whilst extended use of a page / swap file is NOT recommended (slow
    at larger sizes), it can help this situation:

    To do this, you should follow these steps (illustrated at #5):
    • Press “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard
    • In the “Run” dialogue, type “sysdm.cpl” and press “OK”
    • Click the “Advanced” tab
    • Select the first “Settings” button (Performance)
    • Click the “Advanced” tab
    • Select “Change” button (Virtual Memory area):

    • Uncheck the “Automatically manage…” checkbox
    • Select “Custom Size” and then click “Set”
    • After this, click “OK” to exit the “System Properties” dialogue
    Doing this will increase the size of available memory, which should allow you to install the game as required. You should restart your PC and try the installation again. This should allow you to install the game.

    📥 Replace isDone.dll & unArc.dll​

    Whilst these two files are NOT the problem, it’s healthy to replace them:
    Download From
    To do this, you should follow these steps:
    • Browse to the following URLs: isdone.dll & unarc.dll
    • On each page, click “Download Now” (Have To Complete Verification)
    • Save each file (as a ZIP) to your hard drive
    • Once the file is on the hard drive, double-click to open it and then extract the DLL files from within:

    • Copy the newly extracted DLL and browse to C:/Windows/System32
    • Right-click and select “Paste”
    • This may ask you to “Replace” the files — select “OK”

    • After this, press “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard
    • Type “cmd” into the “Run” dialogue and press “OK”
    • In CMD, type the following:
    regsvr32 isdone.dll
    regsvr32 unarc.dll
    This should return a “success” message, which will further help you run the installation.
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